What is a Dream Catcher and what are they made for?

I talk a lot about crafts, that’s true. You know why? I’m the CEO of a handmade startup called Briselier. But what Briselier do? We do crochet dream catchers, create content about crafts and empower creatives around the world with the same love that your grandma would do. With the purpose of extolling the driving force of our atelier, I have brought some curiosities for you who still do not know the meaning and purpose of a dream catcher.

So, get ready to know more about this amulet (which is our love 🧡) and get organized to order yours with us.

1) What is a dream catcher?

The cream catcher is an amulet that emerged in the North American indigenous culture of the Ojibwe tribe.

According to its origin, the dreamcatcher is formed by a circle filled with several threads, like a spider web. As a consequence of this format, it is believed that these threads are able to filter good dreams from bad dreams. Nightmares are trapped in the “webs” and all dreams and positive energies pass freely to the other side.

In addition to the hoop and crochet center, the amulet is also composed of ribbons and/or feathers that move with the breeze of the wind and further characterize the spiritual functions of a dream catcher.

In this sense, the shape of the dream catcher was based on the legend of that same Ojibwe tribe. The story goes that the Sioux shaman communicated with a magical spider-like spirit called Iktomi, in the top of a mountain.

This spirit would have taught her about the cycle of life and the energies that surround it through an amulet made of spider web around the vine and with strands of a horse’s tail. According to the indigenous people of the tribe, the air was charged with dreams and nightmares at dusk and this filter of dreams, made by the Iktomi spirit, was responsible for filtering them.

2) What is the dream catcher made for?

In short, this amulet serves to protect the environment and whoever has in it, in addition to warding off nightmares and guaranteeing good dreams. Dream filters also purify energies and bring us wisdom.

Likewise, based on the creation of dream filters, it also represents the cycle of life, while it encourages the good use of your dreams, visions and ideas from birth to death. For this reason, the dream filter is also recommended for babies and toddlers.

Although you can use the dream filter for events, photo shoots or home decor, the most used place to house the dreamcatcher is the bedroom. When placed next to the bed, the dreamcatcher captures nightmares and brings good energy. In addition, if you are near the window, these nightmares goes away by the winds and rays of the sun.

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3) What does each element of a dream catcher mean?

For all of these purposes, you need to understand what each element of the amulet means. They are the circle/hoop, the web formed in the crochet center and finally the ribbons or feathers. Together, they make up the dream filter and all of its protective charge.

The circle (or ring) represents the cycle of life and eternity, karmic and indomitable.

On the other hand, the crochet center represents our soul, the interior, our choices and the daily growth based on them. This center is also related to our own “Me/Myself”.

Finally, the feathers are connected with the air and the environment, reflecting our personality and filtering our energies. From them, we receive the lightness of the winds and work as a filter for our dreams.

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