The health benefits of handicrafts

When talking about health and quality of life, it is common to think of everything that involves healthy eating and physical activity. However, almost none is said about the importance of doing something manual for this process.

In summary, handicrafts have great benefits for our mental health and cognition. I’m here to explain to you what are the main advantages of practicing some type of handicrafts for your well-being. Check out:

1. Improves concentration

In the face of so much distraction in our daily lives, concentration has become increasingly difficult to conquer. In this sense, when we dedicate ourselves to making manuals, we practice what is called “mindfulness”.

Let us explain: the mindfulness technique is to be able to focus on the task and the present moment. This way, by developing the habit of doing some manual work that requires attention, you strengthen your concentration.

2. Reduces stress

Because it is therapeutic, handicrafts also promote well-being and relaxation. In this way, the repetitive movements of crochet or embroidery, for example, lower blood pressure and cause a feeling of relaxation.

In addition, the practice of artisanal work affects the chemistry of our brain by raising levels of serotonin and dopamine. Therefore, it reduces stress hormones and contributes to your health.

3. Raise your self-esteem

By improving our motor skills, handicrafts raise self-esteem because they improve the handling and production skills of various tasks, especially for the elderly.

Still, the pleasure of creating an object or piece of clothing, instead of buying something already ready from the store, is immense. Therefore, it is more than valid to say to your visitors “I did it!” when they ask about their crafts.

4. Stimulates creativity

Handicrafts also stimulate creativity. For example, when you are developing a piece of crochet, your creative side is able to transform a simple thread into a complete piece.

In other words, art is creative, inventive and transformative. Therefore, handicrafts use the best of creativity to create the product.

After all, who knows, maybe it will turn into an opportunity to start valuing your work more, even turning into an opportunity to sell a product from your own studio?

5. Assists in difficult times

We already understand that craftsmanship reduces stress and raises our self-esteem. However, more than that, doing manual helps you to go through difficult stages of life by contributing to your connection with your inner self.

The proof of this is the increased demand to learn how to make manuals during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Thus, many sought out handicrafts, either as a hobby or to supplement their income and go through the crisis.

In that sense, dedicating yourself to making manuals can help you deal with complicated moments in a lighter way.

Given that, how about starting to invest your time in some handmade activities? Visit our blog and we promise you, you will have several ideas to get started today! By the way, follow us at Instagram!

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